Anchor Conservation Club


Private Parties

If you have a private party which will probably not generate bar revenue (ex. kids birthday, possibly retirement party), donations are requested to cover expenses. If the bar tab generates some revenue no donation will be expected. If you make a donation, place it in an envelope, write on the envelope what it is for, and put it in the drop next to the cash register. There are plenty of dates open. Make sure to get signed up on the calendar in the clubhouse!

Club Meeting Clean-up

We have to make sure we are here to do our clean-up of the club following the meetings when we are due. If you cannot you need to have someone to do it for you. If you do neither you will be fined!!!!! The fine is $25 and will be accessed before your dues are accepted!!!!

Conservation Efforts.....

We are still discussing potential conservation efforts. Any suggestions are welcome. We are still talking about a bird release, feeding program or anything else that may help in our area. Let us know if you have an idea!!!

Bartenders permit

You can click on this link -
Server training and permit

- to download and print out an application for a bartenders permit. Instructions are on the form and more information is at the site - -

Server training is also required every three years along with your permit. I link to one local resource is below. The club will occasionally have activities which will be posted on the schedule or at the clubhouse. All of this can now be done online. See or e-mail Tim Rinehart if you need any help with this. (E-mail link on the home page)

Server training

Server training is now available online (see above link). If applying for your permit you will be asked if you wish to take the server training at that time or can find the link to do this separately at the above link. We really need to make sure all that can do both. Thank you.
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